Miguel A. González

TeensLab Students and PhD Student

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Carlos III University in Madrid under the guidance of Anxo Sánchez. As a member of the Cross-Disciplinary Complex Systems Group (GISC), his research focuses on the study of social systems by integrating insights from various disciplines such as Sociology, Anthropology, Mathematics, and Physics. In particular, in his thesis he assess the structure and dynamics of personal relationship networks. From a modeling perspective, he develops mathematical models and simulations to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms that contribute to the formation and temporal evolution of our fundamental social structures. These models are built upon data analyses conducted on rich datasets containing information about real individuals. Moreover, he draws upon prior knowledge and insights developed by sociologists and anthropologists to inform and enhance his research. By integrating this spectrum of perspectives, he aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of personal relationship networks.