About us

The Loyola Behavioral Lab (LoyolaBehLAB) is a research institute hosted by Universidad Loyola.

We study human behavior (decisions and beliefs) and evolution of social norms in the lab and in the field. Our research lies in the intersection between Economics, Game Theory, Psychology and Statistics.

We focus on four topics:

  • Social preferences and networks
  • Time preferences and decisions under uncertainty
  • Cognitive abilities and executive control
  • Randomized control trials

Our faculty has published in top journals such us Evolution and Human Behavior, Experimental Economics, Games & Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Neuroimage, Perspectives in Psychological Science, Proceedings Royal Society B, or Psychological Science.

Our research has been funded by ESRC, Excelencia-JA, Plan Nacional and the World Bank.