Social intelligence


Social structures also exist in the mind. How people perceive the world around them can differ based on how accurate their knowledge is about the relationships among the individuals in their network. However, the precision of how these structures are mapped depends not only on the social capabilities of the individuals but also on the social capabilities and decisions of their alters (Smith, et al., 2020). Previous research reveals that central actors and individuals with low power status tend to have a more accurate perception of their structural environment. Gender differences are also observed, with women perceiving their network significantly better (Ertan , et al., 2019). By using the available networks we aim to create a score to measure the successes (errors) in the prediction of friendship and enmity relationships, in order to relate it to other variables and confirm previous results as well as to find other characteristics among the adolescents. 

Status: Ongoing 

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Keywords: negative networks, self-perception, Teenagers