Breaking the Chain: The Impact of School Anti-Bullying Programs on Adolescence Bullying.


This research project tries to produce novel insights in the literature of Development of teenagers’ behavior, from the perspective and with the methodology of economics. Bullying is a major risk factor for poor academic performance and mental health. Furthermore, it reduces the adaptation to adult
roles and the integration in social environments.

This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs implemented in high schools. For such purpose I use data collected from schools in El Salvador, where various anti-bullying initiatives were implemented across diverse high school settings.

This research is of a big societal importance since it contributes to bullying prevention in high schools, offering evidence-based insights for educators and policymakers. Thus, schools will have the opportunity of implementing policies that improve the results on bullying.

Status: Ongoing

Keywords: Adolescents, Bullying, education