Working Paper

Blockchain and smart contracts for education


Currently, the preparations of the exams are made by the teaching or responsible teams to evaluate the students or applicants through an objective test to subsequently get a grade. We propose a system based on the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts that would allow an automated preparation of test-type assessment tests, and the registration of the answers in a Blockchain ledger. The record of the answers made is registered chronologically, guaranteeing that the answers and the grades will not be modified, in addition to allowing the student to have access to that information (with prior consent). We also propose that the test’s questions be obtained from a «question pool», previously filled in by experts in the field, and classified by level of difficulty, what would allow the assessors or students to establish the level of difficulty of the test. This would allow the creation of a more enriched curriculum for each student, the student wallet, a wallet containing the scores of exams, and the level in which students have accomplished the competencies and the skills acquired throughout their academic experience.

Keywords: Blockchain, Competencies, Educational technology evaluation, Smart contracts, Student wallet