Rocío Montero Domínguez

MissionLab and PhD Student

Universidad Loyola

Rocío Montero is coordinator of the postgraduate program and masters in hotel management at Les Roches Marbella, while she is one of the PhD researchers at Loyola Behavioral Lab under the supervision of Prof. Brañas and Prof. Jorrat. She achieved her BA in English Philology at the University of Seville in 2020, moving after that into a completely different field: hospitality. In the field of hospitality, she has gone through different managerial positions mainly related to sales, revenue management and operations management, specializing on revenue management thanks to the achievement of a PDD in Revenue Management by the University of Cornell (Ithaca, New York), in 2005. After twelve years in the hospitality sector, she joined higher education as a senior lecturer, while she continued with her education specializing in consultancy with the completion of an MBA by the University of Liverpool (2017). Since 2013, she has been combining her job as lecturer, sharing her experience with more than 2000 hospitality students, with consultancy projects in revenue management.

At the moment, her line of research verses about the cultural choice bias in generation Y populations in international educational institutions, and how its study can help in the design and adaptation of new teaching and organizational methodologies.

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