Dayana Grajales

PhD Student

Universidad Loyola

Dayana Grajales, Student in the doctoral program in psychology at Loyola University under the supervision of Prof. Pablo Brañas and Prof. Cristian Olarte. She is a graduate in psychology from the Universidad del Valle de México (2014). She completed a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology and cognitive rehabilitation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2020). She has a Masters in clinical neuropsychology with the Catholic University of Cuyo (2019) and she completed a specialization course in the neuropsychology of epilepsy with the Miguel de Cervantes University (2018). She is the founder of Fit Brain, a program she carries out in Ireland that offers evaluation, intervention, prevention and rehabilitation programs for patients with acquired brain damage or dementia, as well as training on neuropsychological well-being issues. She was a professor at the University of Monterrey in Mexico.

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