Prenatal testosterone and economic decisions: What have we learnt in a decade?

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The digit ratio (2D:4D) is considered a proxy for testosterone exposure in utero, and there has been a recent surge of studies testing whether 2D:4D is associated with various economic preferences and personality traits. However, most previous studies have small sample sizes gathered from university students and there is also no consensus on the type of analysis (e.g., which hand to analyze or subgroup to focus on). To test the reported results in the literature, we collected 2D:4D data in a representative sample of adults in the German Socioeconomic Panel-Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS), in a sample of about 3500 respondents. In this talk, the results on i) economic preferences, b) tendency to be self-employed, c) depression disorders and d) cognitive reflection test scores will be presented.

Keywords: 2D:4D, Economic Decisions, Hormones, Prenatal Testosterone