[JMC] Predictors of bullying behavior and victimization at school: a network approach

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Mónica Vasco is a Data Science Ph.D. candidate at Loyola Andalucía University in Spain, supported by an FPU scholarship from the Spanish Ministry. Their academic journey includes MSc degrees in Economics and MRes Social Sciences. As a research assistant at LoyolaBehLab, she is involved in conducting experiments with children and adolescents, particularly as the data manager. Her research focuses on behavioral economics, particularly risk tasks and inconsistent responses, and social network analysis.

Abstract: Bullying is a very serious problem that previous literature has shown affects a large fraction of students in compulsory schooling. We use a social network approach to study victimization and perpetration of bullying at schools. We use a large database from high school students in Spain and collect data from their friendships, as well as individual characteristics. We show that their social network characteristics are strongly predictive of both victimization and perpetration of bullying.

Keywords: Bullying behavior, education, Social networks, social-norms