[JMC] Attitudes toward choice with incomplete preferences: An experimental study

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Mikel Hualde Vidaurre is currently a PhD candidate in economics at the Public University of Navarre under the supervision of Prof. Ritxar ArlegiHis thesis dissertation “Aversion to choice and other choice attitudes: Theoretical and experimental essays» is related to theoretical and experimental microeconomics, focusing on the effects of the relaxation of the completeness axiom assumed by classical economics. He holds a  MSc in Economic and Financial Analysis and a BSc in Economics (both at University of Navarre). His latest participations are: 20th Annual SAET Conference, Online, June 2021, VIII Workshop de Estudiantes de Doctorado, Upna, January 2021,  XVI Encuentro de la Red Española de Elección Social, University of Murcia, Behavior Workgroup of the Paris School of Economics, PSE, November 2019, 41st Annual Meeting of the Association of Southern European Economic, Athens University of Economics and Business, October 2019. He did a stay along the pre-doctoral contract: Institut Jean Nicod (CNRS-ENS-EHESS) under the supervision of (Prof. Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde). In terms of teaching, he taught as assistant professor some topics of the Introduction to economics and the Microeconomics I courses, both at the undergraduate level.